Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

Why should I use a professional resume service?

We all have our own unique talents. When a pipe breaks we call a plumber. When we need legal advice we find a lawyer. We get results saving us a lot of trial and error, time and money. Sure, you can buy a resume computer program or read books on how to write your own resume. Every program and every book has its own slant and advice. How do you know what to accept and what to reject? The professional knows what works and what doesn’t.

To get that job you want, it takes a carefully thought out strategy to position you above your competition. A professional resume writer knows how to target your resume to achieve maximum results emphasising your unique talents, achievements, and accomplishments. He knows what to include and what to exclude. They understand what is current in all industries and fields. What was acceptable ten years ago was not acceptable five years ago; and what was the norm five years ago is not the norm today. Resume preparation is an ever-changing field.

Once the resume is completed, a professional career-marketing company such as 1300 RESUME knows what avenues to use to effectively market you. It may be a direct mail campaign to certain companies, contacting specific recruiters and/or networking. It may be developing a compelling cover letter to respond to an ad in a newspaper. It could be assistance with interviewing. Our knowledge and resources are endless – we take you by the hand to expedite your job search that encompasses far more than just writing a resume. We are true resume professionals that are dedicated to the field of jobseeker marketing.

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What is the 1300 RESUME procedure?

You commence by faxing or emailing us your existing resume together with an advertisement that is indicative of your target position. We will call or email you with an assessment and exact quotation (see our resume packages online for pricing). If you do not have an existing resume, please request and complete our Questionnaire detailing your work history, education, referees etc. We then review the information that you have provided and arrange a phone appointment to consult and communicate with you regarding any further information required and to ask you questions regarding your career objective and positions of interest.

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What is the expected turnaround time for a resume?

We generally prepare resumes in 5-7 working days, by mutual agreement between the client and resume writer. If you require an express service, we charge a $50 fee to produce your documents within 24 to 48 hours from ordering upon client request – perfect for that all important job application that closes tomorrow!

Once you have received a final draft in Word and PDF format, you are required to you review the documents and provide any comments or feedback for editing. Once your feedback and clarification has been is received, the changes are generally made within 24 hours and emailed back to you as final documents – ready to use.

Do I need more than one resume if I am applying for various types of jobs?

This really depends on how different the positions of interest and industries are. Your resume writer can certainly prepare 2 or 3 different versions if needed, this is often useful for graduates who require a full-career CV and a CV for part-time employment. If you are pursuing opportunities within the same industry and job sector, then you should be able to use the same, just adjusting your cover letter during each application to the position requirements.

If I need more than one resume version, do I receive a discount?

Absolutely! The Bronze Package includes 1 resume and 1 cover letter, however it is only $100.00 extra to upgrade to the Silver Package which includes 2 resume versions and 2 individually tailored cover letters. We have packages to create easy-ordering and simplicity for clients, however if your needs are ‘out of the box’ our team will happily custom quote your project!

I am really busy, can you prepare my resume without a face to face appointment?

Most certainly. Our teams have been preparing resumes long distance/remotely for 15 years. To assist us in the accurate and efficient gathering of your pertinent information, we utilise a questionnaire, together with a thorough phone consultation with you at a time that suits you (available 9am to 9pm). We also request that clients fax or email through any existing documents such as old or current resume, references, job descriptions, certificates and job advertisements. A majority of the process is co-ordinated efficiently via email.

Do you specialise in my field or industry of interest?

With 21 years solid experience assisting 5,000 clients, our resume writers have assisted jobseekers across all industries, job sectors and at all levels from school leavers to CEO’s. 1300 RESUME has prepared resumes for: Sales and Marketing Professionals, IT Consultants, Lawyers, Nurses, Emergency Service Personnel, Teachers, Administration Assistants, Company Directors,Tradespeople, Professional Sportspeople, Actors, Fashion Designers, Graphic Artists, Town Planners, General Managers and many more. Our objective is to write an effective resume that sells your strengths and attributes, showcasing your skills and experience regardless of industry.

What are your fees based on?

Resume writing is labour intensive, taking our resume writers anywhere from two to four hours to complete a resume project, not including client consultation time. There is a great deal of internet research and strategizing involved in the development of a resume as well as the specialised expertise that 1300 RESUME has which is reflected in our prices. The knowledge our skilled personnel impart in each and every project, have taken many years to perfect.

What methods of payment are available?

You can make a payment directly into our bank account (at branch or via internet transfer) or alternatively credit card over the internet or telephone – why not complete our Order Form online.