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How to create a High Impact Résumé

At 1300 RESUME  we proactively monitor feedback from clients and recruitment agencies, hence we understand that recruiters spend an average of six seconds looking at résumés that cross their desk and Australian are making unnecessary errors that are costing them their dream jobs. Following research, we uncovered surprising statistics in a study using eye-tracking technology to find out about recruiters’ techniques when looking at résumés.

Our Top 5 Tips for a High Impact include the following:

  • Use a clear and logical layout and font
  • Make your personal statement at the beginning of the resume
  • Use the first two pages of the resume to highlight key skills and experience
  • If you’re including a photo, make sure it’s appropriate
  • Don’t stretch the truth – be honest

Our Director Monique Thompson, who has 19 years’ experience dealing with job seekers and recruitment agencies said she had seen hopeful job candidates ruin their six-second shot at a job with poor spelling and inappropriate information. “Your résumé is your first shot at really expressing your capabilities to a potential employer. If you don’t get it right, you’re going to miss that opportunity.” Including a photo of a bunch of friends drinking on a Saturday isn’t going to help, she said. “Personally, I like to see a photo of a person on a résumé because when I’m reading about that person it brings them to life.” But selfie photos are for Facebook and such like – they’re not for résumés.”

Common CV blunders:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Unattractive format and layout
  • Confessing to hobbies like drinking with mates
  • Including useless information
  • Too long

Monique said a common mistake on résumé was listing irrelevant and unhelpful hobbies and interests. “If you’ve got a recruiter’s attention, they are going to read your whole resume, so don’t put something silly like drinking with my mates,” she said. “Another pet hate as a recruiters was under hobbies ‘socialising with my mates and shopping’. If you haven’t got any interesting hobbies, then just don’t put them in there. You’d only put that in there if you had something useful to say.” Another hiccup, which wasn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, was using inappropriate email addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected].

“I think the longest resume I’ve seen is 16 pages. These long résumés come from the more mature workforce.” Applying for a job using a resume entirely in Comic Sans font or in italics was also on her “don’t” list. “Unfortunately if you make something really difficult to read, they lose interest.”  A new trend of clever and creative CVs for positions in marketing and media could sometimes work but only if the candidate has the skills to back up their application.

Writing a high impact and achievement-based résumé is a fantastic way to highlight your cultural fit and suitability as a potential asset to the organisation. If you are seeking expert advice or document preparation services from accomplished Résumé Writers, Career & Interview Coaches and are keen to get the edge over other applicants, partner with 1300 Resume to progress your career today!

Call us on 1300 RESUME or send an email to [email protected] for a no obligation project critique or quotation. Having assisted 10,000+ clients since 1995 to achieve promotions and job offers, we look forward to adding you to our success stories.

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