How to Use Social Media to boost your Job Search

The internet has revolutionised the way employers find qualified candidates.

Originally you would find open positions in your local paper’s want ads. The internet increased the range of these ads but they stayed relatively the same until companies saw that social media can be an amazing way for them to tap into social groups that are made up of their target demographic.

If you want your social media to help you in selling yourself to perspective employers, then it all starts with Facebook. The world’s most popular social media site can be your best link to companies looking for your talents. Find facebook groups that are specific to your career. Follow company pages for industry leaders in your area. These businesses now simultaneously release job openings onto their social media outlets when they become available.  Professional groups on Facebook will hear about industry trends and hiring periods that might not be obvious to a majority of people.

Make sure that if you are going to use Facebook to help generate job leads then your personal page should reflect you as a professional. When your profile makes contact with recruiters, professionals, and companies they need to see you as a job candidate and not as the party bro from UCLA. A great way to cultivate this image is to create a public and private Facebook account so that your friends and family can interact with you in the way you have become accustomed to, but all of your contacts will see their new candidate.

You can’t talk about using social media for job hunting and lead development without talking about LinkedIn. This is the premier site for professionals looking to connect with fellow industry insiders and create hiring opportunities. LinkedIn gives you the platform to present your best side as a potential candidate. Think of it like a global active resume that can link to other resumes that will add to the visibility of your network.

Finally, another major social media outlet that can help you find the perfect job is to find leading blogs in your industry. These web logs can inform you about trends, major company events, and shifts that might present the right candidate with the perfect job opportunity. Blogs help increase company visibility on the internet but can be a great way to anticipate what will happen with your future employer. Join their mailing lists and stay one step ahead.

Social media has become one of the most effective recruiting tools that employers have implemented recently. If you can navigate the finer points of these platforms, you will have a serious advantage over your competition in the job market.

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